Moving Away From Food

Recently, my boyfriend has been hyped up about a new product he heard about called Soylent. Soylent is a food substitute with all the essential nutrients that you’re body needs like protein, carbs, and vitamins. I’ll post a link for more information.

(Wikipedia does know it all.)

Also, here’s a YouTube link from the Dnews crew interviewing the creator. This will give you a little more background if you don’t want to read Wikipedia.

This blog post isn’t so much about how I want to sell this product to you or anything, but rather to tell you how much the conversation of nutrition isn’t so much about how food is good for you anymore, but rather about nutrients. <em>”Vitamin A can increase you’re lifespan, a key for good eyesight, improves the immune system, and helps fight cancer.”</em> Here’s a pill.

This isn’t a new conversation. We’ve long been discussing nutrients. Beginning with our discoveries of what vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that we have needed are and what they can do for us, and now being created in pill form as supplements.

I’m actually particularly fond of some supplements, like omega 3 fatty acids. Honestly, for me it is cheaper to pay fifty dollars a month for a supplement rather than buying salmon 3 or more times a weeks.

For those who watched the YouTube video, I can say that understand the creators need for something more nutritious and cheap. In fact, I think we American’s have been programmed to prefer this more efficient and convenient method of simply popping a pill.

It can take time to prepare meals, to go grocery shopping and for my home it can just end up being wasteful to buy food since it’ll often become spoiled. It’s so much easier to go to a restaurant and buy prepared food, but also more expensive to do so often. Fast food is the next option, but for a semi-health conscience person like me it’s difficult to allow myself to consume high and empty calorie meals (often). Empty calorie meals meaning not having many nutrients.

So for those that have these weird schedule, where they are away from home for most of the day and left with little time to prepare meals, supplements are really convincing.

But, it leaves me with a nostalgia of those amazing home cooked meals that I know I have had. Where my taste buds have been left with that feeling of “Mmmm” and “Ah”. I can remember it now. The greens, the potatoes, those great blueberry banana smoothies, the pork tacos marinated in achiote or in pineapple, the mole sauce made with chili peppers and chocolate completely submerging the chicken. (I’m sure by some of the foods mentioned you’ve realized I am Hispanic, and maybe also that my parents are Mexican.)

Frankly, if I didn’t have food, I miss the taste, the textures, those good memories that I’ve attached to certain foods.  I don’t think know what I would replace my chocolate craving with really.

Edit: I want to add that I understand that the creator of Soylent isn’t trying to eliminate food, but rather wanting to improve his health this way and more cheaply.

This post is more about expressing the dichotomy between maintaining the old idea of foods and replacing foods with the use of technology.

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Interpersonal Relationships and How They Don’t Work for Me

When did it start becoming so difficult to be alone.

I have never had many friends, or at least not many that I called friends. Even now, I’m not particularly close to most of the people I am around. And I am around a lot of people. I am a student at a big university, where classes can be huge. Often times you form groups or frequent the same places. I am not afraid of talking to my classmate, but my relationships don’t move past the group work. I also work at a restaurant were you are forced to interact with a lot of people. I work the bar there and the bar has a lot of regulars, which you become very familiar with. However, I find that those relationships always have a wooden bar top in between.

Honestly, it’s not that I wouldn’t like to develop closer relationships with any of the people I meet. It’s just been really difficult to make time to hang out with my busy schedule.

Time…. I’m dissatisfied with that reason.

I have told myself the same thing I have heard so many people use as an excuse for not doing something they have set themselves to do. Lose weight, learn a language, or start blogging. I know that may people waste their time on the internet, or watching television. The average American watches 28 hours of television a week. That’s more hours a week than I work and frankly still successfully manage to make a living. Instead of watching television as much as someones part time job, why not work out during that time. You’d also reap all the great rewards that come with working out like decreased stress, improved mood, improved sex life, and can help control weight, if that is your goal. What am I saying…? Most people know the reasons why they want to begin doing something. I think. Then what is it that really stops people from doing something they want?

Maybe, I am also able to make more time for relationships, but rather the problem lies in changing a difficult habit of isolating myself. For me it is so much easier to do things like learn language acquisition than pick up the phone to ask old friends how they have been.

That wouldn’t be my only barrier to developing more intimate interpersonal relationships. I am not comfortable with feeling vulnerable, so the majority of my relationships become very superficial. Often, this will make me unwilling to talk about my day and worse very unwilling to talk about what is worrying me, if something is. While you might be willing to share, imagine talking to someone that won’t tell you much about themselves, even what they did that day and then also let you do all the talking. Chances are you wouldn’t feel too close to them and it could essentially be easy to break off the relationship. There lies my problem.

I started this blog post wondering when it became harder to be alone. More specifically I was talking about sleeping alone. This is something I have been wondering for a few weeks now, and was only rudely awakened because my boyfriend hadn’t been staying at our apartment with me. I noticed how happy I was to be sleeping with him when he did come home. I finally understood the man that told me that he was looking for a real person to hug while he was sleeping instead of his body pillow.

That feeling of loneliness honestly causes some “mixed feelings”. It’s not consistent with what my head is telling me my emotions should be feeling. My head tells me I am very comfortable alone, and past experiences have told me I sleep the most comfortably on my own bed alone. But after living with my boyfriend for a year now, and not having him around the last few nights, I’ve learned this isn’t true anymore. And this has probably been true for a while but I hadn’t noticed. My “heart” wants more intimate relationships and warmth of friends around me.

It’s not that I didn’t think that having interpersonal relationships would be good for me. I’ve heard the stories of happy people and that they are happy thanks to their relationships, but it felt more true for other people but not necessarily for me. It felt like I could do fine without it. Which fine without more relationships meant being fine with not doing anything about it.

Could a problem with many people be that they haven’t experienced how great something can be for them. And while they think they “know” how something can be good for them they don’t truly know. I could very easily have heard and seen pictures of the Aurora Borealis, but from just a description I couldn’t have known how cold I would feel standing outside, or how far it would stretch, or the feelings that I would experience whether they be excitement or a feeling of calmness. Would I have learned what I learned in my Chemistry lab by only having heard the procedure rather than finishing the lab. Once it’s done you have this new understanding of a concept you thought you understood.

So now that I know, what I am I planning on doing about it?

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